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Our History

About Us

When I was a kid my family went on bike rides and I found my passion for cycling.  In late 1973 my mom, dad, two brothers, sister and I moved from Bloomington, MN to Ankeny.  I graduated Ankeny High School in 1978, and received my BBA from ISU in 1983.  There was a recession at this time and not many jobs.  So when Bill Wanamaker decided to sell Wanamaker's Cyclery I knew I wanted to buy it and make the cycling business my career.  We were known as the store around the corner from the doughnut shop and people found us.  The store grew.  We hauled boxed bike home because there just wasn't room for them at the store.  I knew I would have to make a decision to have more space when the lease was up.  I decided to buy land and build a store in 1985.  The business grew again, and we added on to the building in 1996.

My sister, Leanne, was 16 years old when I bought the business, and started working for me.  Now, she manages the store.  My mom and dad worked for me for several years, and I appreciate their help.  For many of our employees, we are their first job while they are in high school.  It is wonderful to see our seasonal help move on with their careers.  One is a doctor, several are engineers, architects, and several are proudly serving our country.

We are proud of our service department.  We hand wash bikes that come in for a complete tune up so adjustments can be made properly.  We, also, take pride in providing a clean pleasant store.  We have a large men's and women's clothing department along with a variety of bags, helmets, and anything you need to make your cycling enjoyable.  Our staff is friendly and here to serve you.

Bike Country is a support store on Ragbrai where we provide parts, mechanics, and a mobile store with clothing and accessories for the riders.

Come see us!  We have a bike for you whether you are a recreational rider or an avid road bike rider who wants the latest technology.