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Feature Items

Hammer Nutrition Digest Caps

Hammer's Digest Caps will help you realize that electrolytes, proteins, and carbohydrates are not the only important supplements. A healthy digestive flow aids in… [more]

Shimano XTR Center Lock Rotor (203mm)

Shimano's XTR rotors use Ice Technology to dissipate heat for consistent brake power from the top to the bottom of the hill. An aluminum core with stainless-steel… [more]

Polar Bottle Insulated Bottle (Fade Series)
$9.99 - $11.99

Polar's Insulated Bottles keep liquids cooler, longer so you enjoy crisp, refreshing drinks even at the end of your rides. These excellent bottles are BPA- and… [more]

Serfas Big Stick Mini-Pump

Ride hard and carry the Big Stick Mini-Pump. It's a great big-volume, compact mountain-bike pump with a reliable thumblock head that fits Schrader and Presta valves. It… [more]


Bike Lights Make Halloween Safer

All of us at Bike Country want you to have a fun and safe Halloween. Remember to equip the Trick-or-Treaters in your family with safety lights before they head out. Use clip-on style bicycle taillights: they are lightweight, easy to carry, and are very visible on dark, spooky nights.

Who Is Felt?

Bike Country proudly carries Felt Bicycles. Be sure to visit Bike Country to check out these bikes in person!

Accessorize With Serfas!

Serfas cycling accessories make every ride better!
Serfas cycling accessories make every ride better!
Check out our great shop selection of Serfas pumps, lights, locks and much more. These accessories make every bike ride more enjoyable and comfortable!

Can't Ride During The Day?

Hitting the trails at night is an awesome way to have fun and stay fit as the days get shorter! Even trails that you've ridden dozens of times become a completely new experience. Ask us about great area trail options and our fantastic light selection.

Bike Country's tip of the day

Traffic Principles To Ride By - Be alert and aware when you venture onto pavement and follow common-sense road rules such as remaining as far right as is practicable, yielding to faster moving vehicles and signaling turns. Always exercise caution changing lanes, executing turns and anytime you're in an intersection, too. Ride safe!


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